Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus is also known as Echinocereus Rigidissimius is the most beautiful Southwest Cacti. It is a small barren cactus with white spines, luxurious pink flowers. The eye-popping appearance of these magenta flowers just as the summer comes can be a sight to stare at. With a tinge of white and pink flowers, this cactus is an amazing one to watch. The leaves are modified into smooth spines that emerge from the areoles. Rose pink, magenta, and lavender, the flowers are vibrant colored and look big and bright. To bloom and grow it has a requirement of full sun. The spread of Rainbow hedgehog cactus is 3-4″ wide and comes with an average height of 6-8” tall. The globular to cylindrical plant is 1ft high, and flowers are 2 to 3 inches long. 

To see these amazing ones bloom, you need to wait for the early summer season. They bloom during May, July, and August. At the time of blooming the colors are beautiful like pink and purple. In the whole of North America, there are 28 different species of Echinocereus. You can find more than 64 accepted species of Rainbow Hedgehog worldwide, out of which Echinocereus coccineus, Pink comb cactus, Arizona Ruby Rainbow Hedgehog, and Hedgehog Cactus are some of the most popular ones.  

Awesome design ideas for a happy cactus look in your home

A happy cactus will keep surprising you with vibrant and beautiful blooms. The use of a Rainbow hedgehog in decorating your home is something interesting and exciting to watch out for. Incorporating cactus as décor can be an amazing way to add glow and luster to your household. You can plant the cactus in multiple pots of different shapes and sizes. You can keep the pots together in your living room. Try grouping three potted cactus for an on-trend décor to any room. It is a great indoor plant, just cluster some of the plants with varying heights and shapes. Bright and beautiful colored cactus can redefine the beauty of your home. Plant a Rainbow hedgehog cactus in a terrarium, where you can plant other cactus as well. Use some bright stones and pebbles so that it looks amazing for your living room. A tall rainbow hedgehog can be very eye-catching. You can plant one inside your room for a beautiful crimson sight but make sure they are getting enough sunlight and don’t water them.

How to care for and propagate rainbow hedgehog cactus

Do not water the leaves. Make sure you are only offering porous soil and adequate pots and drainage facility. Bright and filtered lighting with ample airflow needs to be there. Never allow any kind of succulent to sit on the flowers. If it is hot outside, you need to water more often, and during winter use water with caution. Protection from frost and scarring needs to be taken care of. Old Rainbow hedgehog cactus plants need to be propagated during off-set. Remove all the buds and let the callus grow over the wound. For plants that gave not grown, propagate using seeds.

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