Moon Cactus Care: How-To

A big moon cactus is a great combination of two cacti grafted together. The top part is a colorful Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii and the lower cactus is open for any type. Those bright red, purple, and orange color balls with thorns are never mistaken. They are usually those bright neon colors and you will always find them on top of any green cactus. Depending upon its rootstocks, the moon cactus grafting can reach up to big heights but once they reach 4 inches they stop. The diameter is usually between 1.1 to 1.9 inches and spreads to a width of 38mm. 

How to do a good moon cactus care

Moon cactus care needs a mixture of bright sunlight and sometimes partial shade because it has two cacti with different needs. You need to choose the spot that can be helpful for moon cactus care. A covered porch with some shade that has no direct sunlight can be the best location to place the plant and suitable for moon cactus care. The ideal type of soil needed for a perfect moon cactus care is rich, cactus mix, and fast draining. The pH level of soil should be acidic to neutral. The idea is to match the soil with the care required of the host cactus. Use unglazed and shallow pots to water the plant so that there are proper drainage and water does not stand. First, make the soil dry properly, and then you should provide enough water for good care. For summer care, you will have to water them enough. Water deeply and then dry the soil before any kind of moisture addition and then it will result in a good moon cactus care. 

During winter, watering should be completely suspended, and in spring repot the cactus to introduce the nutrients in the soil. The moon cactus must not be grounded in muddy soil for more than a day and needs good drainage. Moon cactus needs low humidity similar to other cacti. Repot as and when needed. When you are repotting you need to dry up the soil. To avoid the risk of rot root, keep the plant dry. To carry on moon cactus care you need to fertilize every month during the summer season to grow healthy cactus. 

How to propagate moon cactus

The propagation of moon cactus is not a simple one. The life of the cactus can be extended only by re- grafting onto fresh rootstocks. Seed can also be used to grow moon cactus but that will be time taking. You need to sow the seeds over a dry succulent rot mixture and use some fine grit to cover it up. A warm location will be a preferred one to grow the plant and for effective moon cactus care. For best propagation, remove the offsets, as they are the small parts of the parent plant trying to grow from the rootstock base. 

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