Mini Cactus As A Gift

It is commonplace to receive flower bouquets or potted plants as gifts. But, one of the most quirky yet cute gifts that you can give is a mini cactus. It will make you stand out among others. Moreover, since a cactus lasts for a long time, the receiver will remember you long after. 

A cactus gift has other advantages too. It does not require intensive efforts to care. A mini cactus will hardly take up much space. 

There are so many varieties of succulents to choose from as a gift. Besides being a style statement, they have special meanings in many cultures. They stand for strength, resilience, protection, and love.

Most Popular Mini Cactus Gifts

So, if you plan to give a mini cactus gift, the following are your best options:

Bishop’s Cap Cactus

The Astrophytum myriostigma is characterized by the presence of between 3-7, but usually 5, thick vertical ribs arranged in a star configuration. They lack spines and may add ribs as they grow. 

They produce one or two yellow-white flowers that look much like daisies. They require little water and space. Therefore, they are easy to handle and best to gift.

Christmas Cactus

The Schlumbergera bridgesii can be a great gift item as a house cactus. It has long stems made of spiny, succulent leaves joined end to end with white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, or red flowers that bloom on the tip. They are one of the few succulents that bloom every year and do not fall prey to diseases or pests easily.

Feather Cactus

The Mammillaria plumosa has a unique appearance making it another great item to gift. Its surface is covered with white “feathers”. These are actually composed of clusters of long spines that are covered with rows of downy spines. 

These make the cactus surface look fluffy and soft but are actually quite sharp. They produce white flowers or yellowish flowers in summer.

Moon Cactus

The moon cactus is actually a hybrid formed by grafting a chlorophyll-lacking mutant Gymnocalycium mihanovichii on another cactus, usually a Hylocereus. They produce flowers of a light olive color. The hybrid nature causes this mini cactus to have a shorter life span but is attractive enough to present as a gift.

Zebra Cactus

The Haworthiopsis attenuata consists of thick, tapering, evergreen leaves the edges of which often curve upward into a concave shape. The leaves grow in rosette formation and possess white, horizontal ridges all over and on both sides of the leaves. They flower in winter.

The zebra cactus will grow in size according to the size of the pot you grow them in. Therefore, keeping them in a small pot will make them stay as a mini cactus, and it would be a great idea if you gift them along with a pot

Golden Barrel Cactus

The Echinocactus grusonii has a spherical shape with vertical ribs that become more pronounced with age. The crests of the ribs are covered with long, tough, and sharp spines ranging in color from white to yellow. 

Small yellow flowers grow on the crown in summer. They stay small in size if you grow them in small pots. They look better with your pets!

Mini Cactus Decoration Ideas ~ DIY

Mini cactus is great for decorating your house or garden. Below are the 5 best ideas.

  • Install all your mini cactus gifts into a walled garden.
  • Put them in a terrarium.
  • Create a fairy garden using mini cacti.
  • Hang them in pots or mason jars around the house.
  • Repurpose a fancy shelf or candle stand to hold the mini cacti.

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